Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekly, Monthly, Woops

We are picking up speed at an amazing rate. This month has been so busy, as of now, the reason I have found time is that the laundry was a must do. The weather has been so nice that I feek guilty every time that I see the nation forecast, even Texas (northern) is getting hit with ice today. But we are in the 70's, granted the wind is blowing some.
Changed our minds the other day and did decide to pay a visit to Mexico and it was fun. Went with a fun couple we have met from Canada, so the magaritias along the way made us Happy Gringos. Food was good, but basically that was about all we bought. Now we are planning on doing it again soon. Every one says you have to get your toes done, so will be tying Chuck down and getting him a pedicure. Seen a few of the shows that are going on around here, and they are pretty good. Lots of entertainment, and the parks all intermingle, everyone is welcome. Makes it kind of nice, miss someone, you can catch then later.
Chuck and I have both been getting all our medical appointments out of the way, been awhile, so this will get us current. More medicial facilities here than any place I've ever seen. At least all that will be out of the way. One of the hard facts of full timing, no family doctor. We will probably be back in this area if not this year, then the next.
Played a lot of golf last week, three times, plus on Saturday there was a tournament. Chuck was on a all mens team, I played on a couples team. Guess who came in first.....not Chuck, they did not even place. Can't rub it in tho. There is the Citrus Open days this week end, and we are going to be in it, sort of, actually they wanted our truck. We are pulling the float with the king and queen on it. That is the couple from our park, so guess they all do it. At least we will have a place to park, I hope. Sounds like fun.
Laundry is done, so ........life is so good. Nothing like clean sheets, love it.


Leno said...

Wow, you are both really keeping busy.. Sounds like so much fun.
Looking forward to seeing you both in Kerrville..
Arlene & Kevin

DenK said...

Yes, rub it in....
The Pres didn't rag on y'all cuz schools were closed. There are benefits to working from home and having the kids driven to school in an armored SUV.