Thursday, January 8, 2009

Getting my "Two Bits" in

Well, I'm Two Bits, the cat that has these two somewhat worthless humans traveling with me. Guess that I wouldn't get very far with out them, can't reach the gas pedal, nor work the can opener. So maybe they are not so bad after all. But when it comes to writing the blog, well that is another story. The week has flown past, Sunday seen them taking a boat ride on the Rio Grande, but only after a few margaritas, with some new friends, Lois & Larry. Great time had by all, they finished up the day with some fabulous Mexican food. The rest of the week was filled with golf, cards, movies, friends and margaritas. Did take in a few shows that have been here, great entertainment in the area, so they say, I never get to leave this place. Kathy did take off one day with the ladies and went to the Christmas house up near a town called Falfurries. The house is the home of three retired school teachers, (old maids) who are the sweetest. They decorate their house and open it up to the public for tours for six months. Kathy was lucky, or Chuck felt so, as after the holidays everything in the gift shop was half price. Kathy really loves Christmas. She is collecting an ornament from most places they have been. Or two, well sometimes maybe even three. Small works for the RV.

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