Thursday, October 13, 2011

Unwinding at Defeated Creek, Tennessee

Once the last check was done on the work at Mor/Ryde we were out of there faster than…….,well fast! The travel day was very uneventful, and we made great time. The leaves were just beginning to turn, and getting a good shot was almost impossible. Sixty miles an hour and a dirty windshield seen to that.

defeated 001

The traffic heading north in Louisville was backed up for at least 15 miles,

defeated 004

sure glad we were heading the other way, we had smooth sailing. We pulled into Grandma’s RV park, and across the street were a couple from the Montana rally. They were smiling behind their hands as I was putting the leveling boards under the tires, as they had just had the level-up system installed. Maybe next year. The next morning we took our time as we only had 140 miles, but they were all on back roads, up and down, curvy and slow, so it was more like 300, but we were all set up by 3 in the afternoon. This is such a pretty place.

defeated 006

Out our back window.

defeated 011

No trains, no traffic, a wonderful place to recharge our batteries. Unfortunately a lot of the people who had made reservations have had to cancel, so the remaining few are sort of spread out. Once a reservation is made and in the computer, changing the site is not possible. But we are doing fine, dinner at one site, campfire at Lisa & Tony’s. Tony is the official fire builder and a fine job he does! He also has the wood. The first few days the weather was perfect. But it has gone to normal, little rain, still nice and warm, and the best part NO wind. That will be here tomorrow, now that I’ve said that. Our friends Ginny & Don got here Monday, and Tuesday night he ended up in the hospital. They now have him in Nashville, and are checking his heart out. We are all hoping for the best, and he was in great spirits yesterday when we seen him.

We all piled in the vehicles the other day and went to Tony’s favorite catfish place. If I had to get there it would never happen, we ended up in Kentucky after taking a dozen different roads, but it was by far the best catfish I’ve ever had. It was all you could eat and they meant it. Some of us couldn’t finish the first serving, which was huge, where as others more than made up for it. Delicious! About the only other outing we have had is girls day out, where we hit Bed Bath and Beyond, Trader Joes, and a few other places. Of course there was lunch which was at the Cheesecake Factory. Now right outside, written in cement, was the saying “Life is short, eat dessert first”, but did we pay heed…….oh no, we had lunch, and were so full we couldn’t even think about dessert. Darn.

Have another few days here before we start west. Hope to make a short stop in Branson, then see our good friends in Coffeeville, who are working at Amazon, then on to Colorado Springs for a quick stop. Gotta get out of there before the snow falls.

Life is Good

P.S. the wind is blowing!

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