Saturday, October 1, 2011

Montana Rally & More

What a great rally the Montana Owners Club had. And of course there was way too much food and drink, but it all contributed to the good time we had. The seminars were very informative and all the reps were extremely helpful. There were 4 to 5 Keystone reps who addressed any problems we were having with our rigs, appointments made, and with in the week, everyone left doing the happy dance. We were so fortunate that they discovered a major problem with ours, like the frame and the hangers were no longer connected, (something like that) but the fact that it was not safe to take on the road. Sure scared this ole lady, when I think of all the miles we had probably traveled with it like that. We spent a couple of nights in their campground while they got everyone scheduled to getting it fixed, and we were out of there. If you are ever going to need major work Elkhart is the place to be. Everything they need is here, all the parts, anything and everything. Being there was no bill for all this, and we are over 2 years out of warranty, well, it don’t get no better than that.

We are now in Mor/Ryde’s camping site, and they will get the work done starting Monday, that we had scheduled for earlier this week, but could be done due to the other problem. There will be a bill for that, but hopefully this will resolve the issues we’ve had. Then our rig should be better than new! Must be time to think of buying a new one…..NOT!montana rally 010

The beautiful home the Montana group went for an Amish dinner. Ran into this couple at the rally, they were there for the rig weighing, and joined us for the dinner. They put on the the very first rally we had ever attended in Branson.

Howard & Linda Payne

montana rally 021.1

The McHenry’s Mac and Nette's Road to Retirement are in the area, and we have met up a few times. Tonight we decided that we had to try Lunkers as we had not done that this trip yet. Chuck and Mac had prime rib and cleaned there plates, but Netters and I had lasagna, hers was regular, I had the seafood. Good, good, good. But we both brought home more than we ate. Portions that would feed a family.

Today the sun finally came out for the entire day, that can make your mood change. We have had rain for an entire week, and yesterday the wind was wild. Time to move south, and we are trying so hard, hopefully by Wednesday.

I have been so remiss in keeping this blog up, that at times am tempted to quit, but maybe in my “golden years” it will give me something to look back at, shed a tear, a little smile, and just enjoy these days all over again.

Life Is Good


Rich said...

See you in a couple weeks.

Gypsy's Tales said...

Don't quit Your blog is VERY Good - Well written , great pictures and feels like family!!
Hugs, Barb & Bob/Chuck

Leno said...

Glad you enjoyed the rally. Sorry for all the troubles you have had though. Hopefully you will be all fixed up soon and be on your way.. Hope to see you in Tn.. Hugs.