Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scary Sights

Our great-granddaughter had a Halloween party in the parking lot of her school, on Saturday  It was a trunk party where the parents did up the backs of their cars and the “goblins” went trick or treating.  They had little games and balloon art.  Great idea as it wasn’t crowded and some of the trunks were very well done.  And the grown ups  really got into the costumes.   Scary.

halloween 001           halloween 002    


halloween 007Grandson Robert, Kersten, Roinn and Kylee.

From there we went back to the house where our SIL had smoked ribs, and they were out of this world.  Went back again to night for left overs, and good byes.  Short visit, but it was good to see everyone before going west for the winter.  Long journey ahead, twelve hundred miles.  Got some new audio books, with John Gresham's new one, among them, so that will make the time go fast.  Our friend Barb gave us one in Coffeyville, and it was pretty darn good, really made those miles fly by.  Thanks Barb.

Life is Good


Leno said...

Travel safe...

Speedy said...

Hope you have a fun trip and see lots of neat things. Be sure to let us know what you see.

Joe and Sherri