Sunday, October 23, 2011

We Are So Lucky

This past month we have been meeting up with old and new friends, and what a wonderful time we have had.  Some times we feel like pinching ourselves, just can’t believe that we could have been so fortunate to have met so many wonderful people. 

After leaving Defeated Creek, saying good-by to Lisa, Tony, Tez & Ric, along with Rich & Mary, Jenny and Don & Dave, we traveled into Branson with Mac & Netters.  There we split company as we were staying at the Treasure Lake park, where John & Bridget are.  Also Mike and Lisle are also there, and we had not seen them in a couple of years.  We had a wonderful gathering and dinner, with a Suzie and Don and their friends popping in for a quick visit.  The next day Nolan & Donna along with her daughter Carla, with Donna’s new little grandbaby, joined us at Golden Corral, where we all ate too much.  From there we went back to the campground and talked and laughed till we hurt.  If laughter makes you live longer we should all make it to 100.  All was fun & games till we had to say our “see ya down the road” farewells.  We got away early in the morning and made Coffeyville before noon.  There we met up with Barb & Bob Williams, Ginger & Jesse,  John & Laurie Newby, along with one other couple whose name escapes me now.  Dang!  Barb had prepared dinner which we all enjoyed, unfortunately the weather was threatening rain, and lots of lightning, and we had to break up early, but then most every one was having to work the next day, and their day was going to start at 4:30. And it was just the start of their 4, ten hour days.  Everyone is counting the days till December 23, which will be the end of their employment.  

Today our travel day was smooth, the roads in Kansas are wonderful, at least the ones we drove today, so it looks like we will make Colorado Springs tomorrow, if all goes well.  After all the trouble we have had these past few months, I’m not saying anything is final until it is over and done. 

Looking forward to seeing our daughter and family.  Especially the great grand babies, not really babies any more, almost 4 & 7.  Growing way too fast. 

Life is Good

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