Thursday, October 27, 2011

Braving the Blizzard

It was not all that bad, but for us wimpy snowbirds this was a major storm.  We had hoped that we would not have to deal with snow as we are only here for a week.  Just needed to get a few things done, and pick up some “stuff” from storage.  Being as we will have storage at Jojoba it will make it easier to have some things there, as we will be spending most of winter time there.winter cc 133 

Roinn was so intense at his workout yesterday, and I got lots and lots of shots of the back of his head, very few from the front.  He is in the first grade, but because of his November birthday almost 7. Very good big brother.

winter cc 143

winter cc 211

Kylee, is so precious, she is all girly girl, think Roinn will have his hands full once they get older, she takes martial arts on Saturdays too.  No ballet for her! 

winter cc 223-1

The sun is out, got the water going, (which was a major job, it was 24 degrees this morning) then got to get my hair cut, nails done, hit the commissary, busy, busy.  Having a family gathering Saturday, which will be nice.  Everyone is so busy with their every day lives, that it is hard to get all together.  So for now we will enjoy the time we do get to spend with one and all. 

Life Is Good

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Leno said...

That snow looks so pretty but wouldn't want to deal with it.
The grands are so cute..glad you got to spend some time with them.