Sunday, September 18, 2011

Heading On Down the Road

Walls Drug is a memory,

2011-09-17 travel2elkhart

as are the views of South Dakota.

travel2elkhart 035

And beginning of a bummer week.

travel2elkhart 036

But our patience paid off and we were on our way again.  Really had to twist Chuck arm to get him to stop at the Corn Palace, once he got the wheels rolling he was in go mood.  But he admitted that the stop was worth it. 

travel2elkhart 043

Each year they completely change the design, so basically it is almost always being put together.  The turrets and spirals had yet to be decorated.  Quite interesting, and the inside auditorium is also done.                                   travel2elkhart 046 

                                 travel2elkhart 061

travel2elkhart 051

We stopped and had lunch with Dave & Bev in a great little local cafĂ©.  We had planned to spend a few days earlier, but glad we got to have a nice visit.  Other than that we just took our time, although 1000 miles in 3 days, is a little more than we usually think about doing.  But we wanted to get here with time to spare before the Montana rally, which starts Wednesday.  Getting our axles, wheels the whole 9 yards looked, to see if we need to upgrade/repair, what ever it takes. 

Our first day here, Saturday, we had to pay a visit to Rise N’ Roll.  If you  ever are in the vicinity well worth a stop, the caramel donuts are to die for. And Chuck wants everyone to know that he had a donuts for one and all.  Then we headed for Shipshewana only to find the flea market wasn’t open…….but Yoder's was!  We came back through Goshen and hit a few of the stores.  A shopper I am not, but let me tell you, Chuck almost had to drag me out, think there are nail marks in the carpet of Target Super store.  It has been at least a couple of months since we have been around the big stores, once I got in I just looked and touched like I was in heaven.  Back to earth, today was laundry which means we are good to go. 

Tuesday we take the RV by MorRyde and see what their suggestions are.  Then we will move to Goshen where the rally is, after it is over, we will come back and have the work done.  Once that is taken care of we will be making our way to Tennessee for Lisa’s Gathering.

Life is Good

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squawmama said...

We love the corn Palace and it is always interesting to see the new artwork every year... Glad all is rolling along nicely for you guys now!!!
Have fun & Travel safe