Saturday, September 10, 2011


That is what we are thinking we are in.  Left Gillette, heading east, final destination was to be Elkhart/Goshen.  Just a buzzing down I-90 when we get a ding, ding.  Overheating???  Stopped and sure enough we had water coming out the bottom of the engine pretty serious like.  Well luckily we had cell service, Good Sam RS, once again. This was shortly after noon, and each time we thought someone was coming to our rescue, near the scheduled arrival time, we would receive a call saying they were not coming.  They were actually hinting that we might be there till the next day.  We could see a water tower, Kadoka, SD, in the distance and as it was getting dark we agreed to a tow there.  Bad move.  That ended their responsibility….have a good day, idiot.  We found a dodge/ford/gmc dealer (one size fits all) 20 miles away, but we had to arrange the tow there. Thank goodness for cell phones and the internet.  We were lucky after 3 days they installed the water pump, but there is a small part that is needed to keep the pressure up or down or something, anyway they don’t have it, NO ONE has it ANYWHERE.  A shipment is scheduled to arrive in Denver this coming Tuesday, so even with overnighting looking at Thursday at the earliest for getting on the road.  But they did warn us that it was only a scheduled shipment. 

Woke up yesterday and the fridge was not working.  Luckily switched it to gas, went and got a couple of bags of ice, and it cooled off. Seems to be working, not switching it back till we are in Elkhart. 

Hopefully this will one day be one of those funny stories for around the campfire someday, but right now, well we are still finding a little humor in it. That is it, done moaning, whooo is me.  Enough. We have some friends passing through next Tuesday and they have promised to stop, so looking forward to seeing them.

Tomorrow is the 9/11 anniversary, 10 years ago, we were sitting on a plane in Sacramento waiting to take off.  Compared to something like that, we are totally blessed. 

Life is Good

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squawmama said...

Well wasn't that just a pull your hair out experience... We've been there a couple of times or more!!!
Hope all goes well for you
Have fun & Travel safe