Friday, September 2, 2011

Rally Round

We spent six days in Cody, had a great time.  The RV park was ever so nice to us, letting us use part of the restaurant at night to play cards.  They also did a breakfast buffet which was quite good, and the price of five dollars was very reasonable.  Chuck took advantage of it, I believe 3 times, but I only tried it once.  Not so much of a morning person, I kind of like to ease into the day.  Three of the group was checking into the rally one day earlier than the rest of us, so they ran on ahead.  Being as we had to check in before noon, we decided that we would spend the night closer to Gillette, making for a short drive the last day, so we bedded down in Buffalo.

rally 005Waiting for Thanksgiving, well maybe not, they looked kind poorly.

The drive over the pass into Buffalo was very scenic, with a climb to almost 10,000, it still was an easy trip.

rally 040


rally 034

Made for an easy drive 70 mile jaunt the last morning.  Once here it didn’t take us long to get settled in.  What a wonderful place to have a rally.  Huge facility, and everything is under one roof. What a fun time we had, an update is in the works and will have that up soon.

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