Friday, September 2, 2011

Escapade 2011


Almost 700 rigs, double that for attendees, and a good time had by all.  Our leaders, Bob and Molly Pinner, along with many volunteers did an outstanding job. 


There were vendors galore, nightly entertainment, many seminars to choose from, and of course all the “happy hours”. 

rally 067

Best of all, seeing friends we have met over the years, and the chance to make new ones.  We also got to meet a few of the fellow Jojobaians, we can’t wait to see our new parking place in Jojoba Hills in California.  When closing ceremonies took place we were ready for it all to come to an end.  Busy, busy turned into tired over the week. Now we will take a few days to let it all sink in, visit with friends, as most are staying for at least a few days. 

Class of 07 adopted about 8 couples this year, so we are becoming quite a large ”family”.  We had a happy hour earlier this week with a large turn out.  Tonight we are having a baked potato gathering. That is always fun, everyone brings a baked potato and one topping, and that lowly potato turns into a gourmet treat.

We are having our RV weighed when we leave here on the 6th, hopefully we are not too much overweight.  Be wonderful if we were under weight, something that I personally have never had to deal with.  We have taken a lot off the rig, and replaced it with much lighted items, so I’m hoping…… sort of like taken off your shoes before stepping on the scale.  I did go through the cupboards and donated lots of can goods, even 5 pounds of sugar, to the food drive the Escapees was having for the food bank in Gillette. Okay, that is like taking off the earrings!  It will be nice to have a storage shed on our lot, give us some place to store things that we only need when we are sitting for awhile. We may not have a stick and bricks, but we have “stuff” stored all across the USA. 

Our last minute purchase at the rally, a Adventure Caravans 7 day tour for the Rose Parade.  This will make the 4th time we have done this and each time has been better than the last.  I think of all the things we have done or seen this is by far my favorite. It is so nice to just park the rig, and let some one else do the driving, AND parking.  Highly recommend it to anyone thinking of taking the parade in.  My favorite part is the post float viewing, it is amazing to see some of the uses of fruit, vegetables and flowers up close. The floats are parked for a few days which gives you plenty of time to have a good look.

Life is Good

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squawmama said...

Glad you had such a wonderful time at the Rally... It looked and sounded like fun. Also the Rose PArade sounds like it is really exciting. I would love that so maybe I need to add it to my Places to see & Things to do list!
Have fun