Monday, February 2, 2009

Same post same day

Maybe some day I will have this posting down. First I saved, then could not get back in to finish, then had to post it, same goes with the pictures, everything is out of sequence, %$##@#$%%.
Anyway just wanted to say if anyone has not seen Slumdog Millionare, is it great. Also if you are in the valley, Bernie & Red are hilarious. Laughed so hard I cried. We are off to Mexico again tomorrow for a fiesta. Life is good.........

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Bob and Molly said...

Hi there Road Kill!! I'm so glad to see you've got your blog going strong....I just found it thru Ginger's blog! Great job and now I can keep up with you guys!
Look forward to seeing you in Kerrville in March!
Hugs to both of you!
Molly & Bob