Monday, January 23, 2012

Day By Day

This week has gone by so fast, guess it was cause we did nothing much, but we did a lot of it.  Took in the movie Warhorse, which was actually what you would expect, but didn’t stop me from blubbering like an idiot.  Yesterday we did brunch at one of the near by casinos.  The only thing that we managed to fill were our tummies.  But it was an awesome brunch.  Didn’t eat again till lunch today.  There are about five casinos near here, but we have only been to two so far.  Have not been a winner at either one, but not a big loser either.  I like to play blackjack, but the tables are ten dollar minimum and I just can’t handle that.  That gets to be real money way too fast for me. 

Chuck has an appointment with the VA for hearing tests Wednesday in the morning, and I have one for the afternoon for a problem that can’t seem to get rid of.  Oh, the woes of getting old!  I’m also going to start a gourd decorating course.  There is a gourd festival in Casa Grande, the first part of February that I would love to go to, but depends on my problem.  Also a quick week trip to Yuma, but no definite plans yet. 

Life is Good


Mac and Netters said...

Glad you are enjoying your new lot, but sure missing you guys.

When do you think you will be coming to Yuma?? Would sure like to spend some time with you guys!

Gourd painting sure sounds like fun! I'll bet the festival will sure be fun!

Speedy said...

Sherri says I need to have my hearing checked but then I would hear everything she said...what fun would that be????

Joe and Sherri