Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beautiful Days, Cool Nights

That sums up our weather for the past week, with the exception of wind one day.  It has been just lovely, and we are taking full advantage of it.  Relaxing and doing bits and pieces on the patio area.  Planted two trees, tore out all the fuzzy bushes, and will be putting down an extension to the patio area.  Won’t be long before we have it all done, and then we can relax full time.  No, then I get to buy some furniture for that area. 

Some friends of ours came for a visit last week, and that meant we, what else, we went out to eat.  And only to the best places!  This place is out near Jojoba, and even though the they manage to disguise the fact that it is a very good restaurant, they do a great business.  Thanks, Rollie & Janet for being good sports, it was fun.

Matter of fact we made reservations for Valentines dinner.  Been busy here, as they are putting on a play tomorrow night, the musical, Gypsy.  Think that it will be a fun night, they certainly have worked hard, and everyone assured us that it will be great. 

We are enjoying our time here, and meeting new people every day it seems.  With my memory sure glad that everyone is encouraged to wear name tags.  Not only am I not good with names,  having a hard time with faces.  Whoooow is me.

Till next time, time flies when you are having fun.

Life is Good

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