Thursday, January 5, 2012

Everything Coming Up Roses

 Whoo, getting this blog up  has turned into a real job.  My keyboard will not work on my computer, and that is where my pictures are, so have posted the blog with pictures and am now editing it on Chucks.  Hey where there is a will there's a way.  We thoroughly enjoyed the whole tour, excellent tour company.  Adventure Caravans.  And the weather did it's part too.  

rose parade 2012 020
Posted some more on Picasa,

rose parade 2011 042
Well, this is not working so good.

rose parade 2011 032

rose parade 2012 075
 Close-up of the bird.
rose parade 2012 077

rose parade 2011 196

rose parade 2011 069

rose parade 2011 053
 Following Roy Rogers float came 100 palominos, all carrying the American flag. 
Very impresssive.

rose parade 2011 046


Leno said...

Beautiful...Bet you loved it. I heard someone on tv say, you can smell the roses in the air..

Speedy said...

How cool are you two...We would love to be out there with you in the warm California sun. We are in Red Bay getting some work done. It is raining here and cool...not cold but cool enough for a lite jacket.

Joe and Sherri

Jim and Dee said...

I love the pictures, you were so close to the action. We went on the 99th year of the Parade and loved every minute. You could smell the flowers and the excitement in the air was great! I'm glad you went.