Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Having spent a week in Yuba City, California, visiting with family and friends, we headed out on the long drive to Gillette, Wyoming.  Along the way we hoped to say a quick hello to friends that are spending the summer in Provo, Utah.  We found a Elks there, with full hooks ups, which was very close to the park they were in.  Unfortunately they were under the weather, and missed getting to see them.  Next time.
We have not traveled that much in the last few years, but have really seen a price increase in RV parks.  Coming across Nevada, had one quote us 55 dollars, plus tax, and that was W/E only.  Twice we were forced (bit hard, but choices are some what limited) to stay at KOA’s which we never do.  We arrived in Gillette in time for the storm of the year, unfortunately we were still on the highway.  The rain and hail were so bad that you couldn’t see, yet couldn’t stop and pull off, because you couldn’t see.  We made it fine as it didn’t last but  10 minutes or so.  Now the Camplex where there were close to 3000 rigs parks, (FMAC rally) turned into a muddy mess.  And the rally was over the next day!  Lots of the rigs were parked on grass, and the tow companies were out in full force the next day.  They are probably planning a nice vacation now.
Tomorrow we are moving over to the Camplex, where some of the rally coordinators are already. We are joining them in a get together this afternoon.  It is so great to see so many of these great people that we have met over the years on the road.  It is just amazing how we take up as if no time has passed. What a great life, maybe not filled with “things and stuff”, but family and friends.  We are truly the One Percent!  The coming week will be filled, Chuck is working on the parking team and I am helping with registration.  There are seminars and cocktail parties and fun times planned to the max.  Know that we will have a great time.  Till the next time, travel safe.

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Margie Lambert said...

What a small world! We have friends we met at Indian Pass in Florida where we winter who live in Gillette, Wyoming. They just sold their home there so that they can go full time in their fifth wheel. In fact, they are there right now closing the deal before heading back to Indian Pass. Love you blog...look forward to having some time so that I can read more of your posts!