Saturday, October 18, 2008

Natural Bridge Caverns

We haven't been doing any sightseeing the last few days so we decided to take in the caverns. They were totally awesome, but I did have a little of a hard time making the up hill walk out of them, with my copd and all, but as you can see did make it. We also took in the wildlife park there. One of those that you drive through and all I could think of was that commerical where the elephant sits on the hood of a car! The zebras were by far the biggest beggars, they were sticking there heads right in the windows.

Been playing some golf, Chuck has got in a few more games than me, so what else is new? Nice to have the courses right next to us practically, but you do have to drive off base to get to the clubhouse. Weather has been pretty nice, just a few days where the humidity has been high.

We have about two more weeks here before we more on down the road to settle in for the winter, which is the Mission Bells in McAllen. Looking forward to putting down the jacks for a while. But then we are always ready to hitch up and move on.

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