Friday, September 25, 2009

Early to Rise and OH, CRAP!

There have been about 3 times since we have been on the road that I have gotten up before Chuck, and believe me, if this morning is any indicator, it will
be the last. Got the coffee going, turned on the computer, not connecting, turned
the T V on, only channel coming through on the satellite was
the info channel. Okay, coffee ready, what the heck???
The refrigerator door fell off!!
Well, not all the way, but the hinge is broken, which happened once before. We
had been planning on going to Elkhart after the rally, and they will have
the parts waiting, hopefully they will be able to fix it,
so that it won't happen again.
Thankfully it is still usable, but we are
being very careful.
TV's working, computer is connected,
life goes on.
It was great seeing Bob, Molly, Keith, Donna, Howie and Nora, plus meeting all the others
that have arrived for the "Class of 07" pre-rally of Nick's rally. Last night was
hobo stew and it turned out great. We did have a rainy day though, but we managed not
to get wet.
So that is all for now, I'm crawling back in bed and pulling the covers
up over my head, and not coming out
till it's a new day. Glad that I got my
OWFISH shirt.


All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

It could be worse like a 9 to 5
J O B. LOL Glad to hear everything is ok. If you wake up before Chuck just push him out of the bed before you. Just kidding, ya'll have fun with everyone and tell them hello for us.

Safe Travels,
Rollie & Gina

Bob and Molly said...

Hey...poop happens! :) You won't have to cook!!
It's so good to see y'all! Glad you made it here!!