Friday, September 4, 2009

Train's,Trolly's,Boats & Cars

Here comes our trolley.
We did a tour of Boston, after taking the train in
fromWells, Maine. Our tour guides,
Dick & Jane, are doing a wonderful job of making sure we see some
of the best the area has to offer.
At Court & Tremont Streets hangs the giant tea kettle "sign" of the old Oriental Tea Company. This huge tea pot was manufactured in 1873 by a company called Hicks & Badger.
Old State House
So out of place with all the skyscrapers.
We hopped off the trolley had lunch and were back up and running.
We walked to the harbor area and caught the boat for the harbor cruise. "Codzilla" was there, a high speed tour boat, but no one was interested in that, except for the
scary rides!
The weather could not have been more perfect, and the sights of all the
boats and the shore were wonderful. The pictures can not do justice to them.
Boston skyline

For Rent
For Sale
Would just take a few million
Actually the bottom floor is the fire department
for the harbor.
The Constitution

We were back on the shore and on our way to see a few more landmarks.
Paul Reveres house, which was in a very small courtyard, so taking any
pictures did not work out, but there was a great pear
tree.The house was very small and it was amazing how many children he
had, nine by his first wife who died in May, and he remarried in October, and there were nine more children. Made me wonder how he ever had time to make a midnight ride. Then we were off to the Old North Church.
Very different, in that each "pew" was more like a private family seating area, the enclosures were
five feet tall, very private. Beautiful pipe organ though.

Memorial in front of church. Each dog tag represents
a soldier killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, very chilling.
Time was getting short, as the train left at 5:45 and the next was not until 11, so we did not want to miss it. But Cheers had to be seen, so we jumped on the trolley and hopped
off near by, ran (okay, walked) over for some pictures, and back to catch the trolley to the train station.
We were all of a sudden told that the trolley would be waiting at the harbor for the
last cruise to come in before continuing on, which wouldn't work for us. So we were of into the subway, and with the blind leading the blind, at RUSH hour, we did manage to make the train.
WOW, we aren't country bumpkins after all.
Restaurant that brought a tear to
my eye, a dear grandson by that name.
So that was our day in Boston
Matilda dressed for the cooler temps,
and it is getting very cool at night.
Chuck and I took off to do some shopping and to get some prescriptions filled,
which of course involved lunch, Well the little seaside lobster shack like restaurant, had just been visited by George Bush (the father) a few minutes before us. They told me that I
was sitting on the same bench as he had. So the next day we headed north of Wells, and had to
get some pictures of his home at Kennybunkport.
Not too shabby.
SUV's are black
speedboat is black.....
looks like they mean business

Lobster floats or what ever they are called. very colorful and interesting.
Beach along the way to Portland
Globe at a map store. It was huge, a very interesting store. Needless
to say we bought some up to date Atlas's and a few other books that we
felt would make traveling easier, that is if we can find them
Think that catches me us to date. wow, know there was a lot I missed, we are having a great time, Chuck is getting in his fair quota of golf, and we are just loving the peace and quiet, enjoying the time visiting with good friends.


Joe and Sherri said...

Looks like your both haveing a good time. We want to see all that someday. Keep the pictures coming.

Anonymous said...

love the blog and thanks for the pictures of you both!