Monday, August 31, 2009

Lovin' Maine

We are enjoying our time here in Maine. It is so nice to have a local as a tour guide. We had a big lobster boil the first night we were here, it was sooooo good! We have been here before, about 3 years ago, so we knew what to look forward to. The rain this past week-end was a real gully washer. Jane and I thought we would do a little shopping, but only hit one store and decided that between all the tourists out doing the same thing and the rain we would call it a day.
Been playing cards most nights. We have been getting a bridge fix, as we all play, love it. Hard to find people who play, so when we do can't waste the chance!
The beach
Today the guys are off playing golf, which is great. Jane and I resumed our shopping outing, but that didn't last too long, neither one of us are big shoppers. Tomorrow we are taking the train into Boston for the day, looking forward to that. Will have my camera charged up, the other day it was totally dead, which never happens. It has a huge rechargeable battery that never seems to go dead, but then it could be like me....getting old.
Love Blooms


squawmama said...

I too love Maine and the whole New England area... Sounds like you are really enjoying yourselves. Eat a Lobster for me ☺

Have Fun & Travel Safe

Joe and Sherri said...

Great place to be. Sherri and would love to go there and will as soon as we can