Thursday, August 20, 2009


We are in one of the prettiest areas! The views of the islands are truly awesome. And yes, there is a castle, and it was built for a woman who died, and was never lived in
because of the great love that was lost. Hmmmmmm....
Seems there was never a castle built that has a
happy story.
We did the tour and it is being restored, and what has been finished is a work of art. Only the first floor has been completed, so there is the basement, "playhouse", and three upper floors.
The boat house is also finished, across the way on another island. There is an exhibit
of antique boats that are all hand crafted. And a few of the racing
boats that the "rich" used and how they tried to keep an honest
competition, which proved impossible.
Just your average bungalow
Power plant for the Castle
We reboarded our paddle boat and off we went on the island tour.
There were some fabulous houses, what a place to summer.....but then the bad news,
we were told the property taxes for water front were, 1000.oo per foot!
Think that means all the way around this house?
There are over 1800 islands here, to qualify as an island it must be above the water 365 days a year, and have at least 1 tree.
Some were lovely
We sure were envious on this nice warm day, watching all the people jumping in the water, it sure would have really felt good.

I was just loving it, think in another life

I must have crawled up out of the water.
Loved this one

Think this was the smallest one we seen. It did have it's tree!

It was a great few days that we spent in the area, met a very nice couple, who also
were traveling with 2 cats. They (cats) were so content, outside most of the time
on their leases. Two Bits was giving them the evil eye, I'm
sure wondering how come I can't go out?
We are off again tomorrow, hopefully with the wind
at our back, but with hurricane Bill coming in, we will probably have
rain in our face.

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Bob and Molly said...

Beautiful area!! and great photos!
Make you miss the houseboat? That sounds like such fun!
Miss you guys!