Sunday, August 16, 2009


Canadian Geese
Here I am trying to catch this blog up and we are fixing to get back on the road tomorrow, yikes, better get busy. We crossed into Canada at Port Huron, and had a easy drive to Grafton. Well, let me add, with the exception of Toronto. Holy Moly, there are a lot of cars lane freeway, bumper to bumper, 100+k per hour.
That was the only bit of drama for which I was so thankful.
Tried to put the "Damneara House" in the yard of our friend, but it was just a little too
much of a slope. There was a campground close by, so it was an easy choice, as we
were only staying there for 3 days.
He has his house up for sale, and the lookers have been giving him a run
for his money. Almost 30 showings in just 2 weeks, and 2 offers came in while
we were there. With all that was going on with that we still managed to have a nice
visit, and did see some of the area. Had one of the worst thunderstorms while there though. Thunder that just went on and on, rolling thunder, that you could actually feel it. Lost "hydro" and with it water, as it was powered by a pump from a well. Just polped a hat on and
went out for breakfast. We had bought a new GPS before leaving the states, wanting to make
sure we could find our way in Canada. Well when I put the address in it would not come
up, so for the heck of it tried the 5 year old one.......and it mapped us right there! His house was way out in the country with a lot of road changes and all, so to say I was surprised is putting it mildly.
Just cause I love flowers
Then we were off to Oswaha, which was back towards Toronto. We were visiting Lois, who we became great friends with in Texas. She has had a few problems, but is starting to have the time of her life once again. Almost made me out of breath when she was telling me all the activities that she is involved in. Met her daughter and lovely family, who were the greatest. Thank you, Valerie and Henry, for a wonderful time, you helped make my birthday a very special
time. And Chuck thanks you for the golf fixes he got in, he needed them badly.
We stayed at the provincial park which was lovely, pricey, but then it is Canada. And, 90 some cents a liter, or is it a shot glass full? The tequila we were buying for 8 dollars in Mexico, was 43 there. Luckily we had a few bottles to leave behind, was sort of afraid of getting stopped going in, but we just coasted through. And that about does it for Canada, we did not see all that much, but the people we came to visit were our reason for being there.
We had planned to come back into the states near Niagara Falls, but that meant we would be taking our life in our hands and going through Toronto again. The Thousand Islands area was one we wanted to see, and it was a wonderfully easy drive. So there was no
problem choosing. And that is where we ended up, on Wellsley Island. We are about 300 feet in the good ole USA.

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