Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Making Lemonde

Here we were just as happy as could be, going down the road, when one of those hateful warning lights came on. Throttle light, if not blinking safe to drive.....okay, twenty miles, and all the warning lights are on, we are now desperately looking for a place to pull over. All options are over, engine dies. Thankfully we are in a small town, right across from the American Legion, and they are having a Friday night fish-fry. Call Good Sam, eat dinner, tow to a campground, and all is well. Nothing could be done with the truck till Monday, and there was not a rental car to be had in the area, but there was a playhouse theater a block away, plus the river boat tours, so we managed to enjoy the down time.

Now Tuesday, we have the truck back, very minor considering all the inconvenience it caused. So we will be back on the road tomorrow once again heading to Maine. Should be a short drive as it is only 200 or so miles.


Arlene said...

Glad all turned out okay for you. You were lucky you found a place to stop..
Enjoy Maine. Wish we were up there now. Have a lobster for me!! We used to camp in Wells and take the trolley into Ogunquit. We would also take day trips from home quite frequently to Billy's in Oqunquit for LOBSTA...

squawmama said...

Lucky it was not as bad as you thought and that you made the best of it... Isn't that the way we travelers do?

Have Fun & Travel Safe

Joe and Sherri said...

OH...We are soooo glad that you are OK. We have Good Sams and it is nice to hear they took care of you OK.