Thursday, August 27, 2009

Leaving Chuck in the Dust

Today was a great day, played golf for the first time in months and on the scorecard actually beat Chuck scratch. May have been a little fudging on my part but it came out that way. Had beaten him before in 9 holes but never 18. Wonderful day for anything outside as the weather was perfect. Th golf course was an interesting one with a lot of character and challenge.
Am now back home celebrating with a margarita or two. Last night we celebrated our arrival here with a lobster dinner, and it was wonderful. Tonight my friend Jane is cooking, which is great, being as the margaritas are beginning to take effect. Life is good. life is great.....lalalalalala


squawmama said...

My kinda girl... I'll have a margarita or two with you!!! Congrats on your win!

Have Fun

Arlene said...

Congrats on beating Chuck.. Wait til I tell Kevin.
Enjoy your time there in Maine. Keep me in mind with every bite of that lobster..

Bob and Molly said...

Oh yes....Life is good!! Sounds wonderful!

Joe and Sherri said...

Well I see there is a tropical depresion headed up the coast...good game...keep him honest.