Friday, August 7, 2009

Mackinac Island

We were up early and headed out to the ferry terminal, at least we thought we were early. Seems we had gone through a time change, which meant we were an hour behind. Only been here two days! We boarded the boat and it was a quick twenty minute ride, gorgeous!

There are two boats going opposite directions

On the island there are no cars allowed, the only options are horse drawn carriages and bikes. I about dropped my teeth when I seen the price they were renting the bikes for. Eight to ten dollars an hour, and there were a lot of families doing the renting. They have a name for the tourists here, "Fudgies", there are 19 candy stores in the 3 block area of downtown, and they all have homemade fudge, and most everyone will indulge.
This is early, by the afternoon it was full

Bed and Breakfast

We decided that a horse driven carriage ride was a great idea, and it was an easy way to see the entire island. We had a smaller buggy in the town area and then were switched over to a three horse wagon in the hilly region.
Our view!
The weather was totally perfect in the early part of the day, we could not have asked for anything better. The flowers, some of the prettiest we have seen.
The Arch
The water below and there was a road that you could bike on.
After lunch at a pub we caught the rapid ferry back to the main land. Clouds were moving in.
Anyone of these houses will do for a summer getaway cabin
The Grand Hotel
With the weather being so warm we sat up top......bad idea. Once the boat picked up speed, the wind was blowing, the water was rough, and we were bouncing all over. Could not even attempt the stairs to go down, afraid that I might go flying, so just cuddled up close and enjoyed the ride.
Tomorrrow is a travel day, heading for Canada.


Arlene said...

Very nice to see you are exploring. I have these places on my bucket list.
Take care and hope to see you before too long.
Nice pics by the way...

Joe and Sherri said...

Sherri and I were there many years ago. We remember the smell of Fudge and Horse poop. Loved the island...Sherri is still mad that she did not go on the hotel tour! We will return someday and I will take her to the hotel.

Bob and Molly said...

It looks wonderful! We have long wanted to visit Mackinac...thanks for letting us see it thru your eyes!! Great post!!
Hugs to both of you and keep on traveling back to the USA!!