Monday, August 3, 2009


Yes, we are on the road again. Had a little trouble getting going again. Seems the truck had a bad bearing or something or other in its rear end. Decided that Wausau would be a good place to have it fixed as there was a nice campground in town. Unfortunately after we made the arrangements we discovered that the park would be closed after the 3rd for the state fair which bordered the campground. And we had taken the truck in on Wednesday but they didn't get to look at it till late Thursday, of course had to order the part, which would not make it till Monday. And they did not work Saturdays, so it didn't make that much difference. So it was a rush to get it fixed and it went right down to the wire, we had till 3 this afternoon and we were pulling out of there with about 2 minutes to spare.

The time spent in Wisconsin was mostly reconnecting with long lost relatives, which was great. Love visiting when we have our own home to return to. I have a second cousin that is doing a magnificent job on our family tree. Bless her heart, it has totally gone out of control. By now she has found out that everyone in 4 counties is related somehow. Just don't want to find out that I'm my own grandma!

We are headed to Canada via the upper part of Michigan. Planning on taking in some of the sights on the way, probably never come this way again. They are saying that the weather should warm up, it certainly has been cool, at times down right cold. Actually had the heat on a few nights.

Hopefully the next few posts will have some pictures. Let the wind be at our back.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Sherri and I did that trip years ago. Love it!! We went to Mackinac Island to see where Somewhere in Time was filmed. I would love to go back there...but then there are so many places we have not been.