Saturday, October 10, 2009

Parking Lot Blues

That would be us, we are at Duncan's RV repair facility "campground", in Elkhart, which we have called home since last Monday. Thought we were good to go Thursday and the front landing jacks decided they wanted replacing, which if it had to happen it couldn't have happened at a better time and place. The manufacturer is replacing them and think they will be here Monday, so hopefully we will be back on the road come Tuesday. Will say this is a great repair set-up, would highly recommend Duncan RV to anyone needing work done.
The trees are starting to

really color up
Love to watch these horses, they are
so wonderful
We have enjoyed seeing some of the area, lot of Amish in the vicinity, and the shops are wonderful with all the unique craft items. Then there are the flea markets, farmers markets and craft fairs. And the quilts are very tempting, they are so beautiful and well done. Today we stopped at a craft fair and there was a horse on a treadmill walking away, and it was hooked up to a ice cream maker, yup, making ice cream. Needless to say, Chuck had to have some of that.

Come next year we hoping to attend the Escapee rally and Nick's, that are both being held in the area. They are scheduled for earlier in the year, which will hopefully be better weather wise. We have had quite a bit of rain and it has been cool, and now they are saying it will be flat out cold come tomorrow. Definitely time to start south.


Arlene said...

Sorry for your troubles but like you said you couldnt be in a better place.. Is this a place that just fixes Keystone or do they do others?
When are Escapade and Nicks rally's?
Let us know what your plans for the winter are..
Look forward to seeing you again.
Good luck.

Bob and Molly said...

Camp Duncan is A OK! Hope they are taking good care of you!! Tell Angela, Kristy, Alice and all the guys "Hi" from us! Miss you safe and head South FAST!! HUGS!

Joe and Sherri said...

We too are experiencing cooler weather here in West Texas Panhandle Plains. Love this part of Texas...I was born in Childress so I feel so much at home when we travel out here. Good to hear from you...hope you get fixed up soon. Come see us...Somewhere in Time