Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rain, rain go away

So glad that we decided to delay our travel one day due to the rain. And by the looks of it we had a one day window, as they are forecasting a down pour for the next 36 hours. But it was so nice to see that sunshine, if only for a few hours. Reminded us of when we would leave the foggy northern California winter and head south. When you finally broke out of the fog into the sunshine was like coming back to life. They sure have had there share of rain here in Mount Pleasant, Texas.

We got here early enough that Chuck got the truck serviced and inspected. He was so happy with the dealership that he bought the truck from he wanted them to go over it and check it all out. Besides it was on our way.

That is all for now, HUGS to all.


Joe and Sherri said...

Stay safe...We too have endured the rain and are trying to tread water here at the lake. If it rains anymore we may have a water front site.

Leno said...

Hope you can get to warm, dry weather real soon. Let us know where you end up.. We may just head to the RGV sometime in Feb..

Donna162 said...

Sounds like you'll be in warmer, dryer weather soon. We've decided to spend the month at Lazy Longhorn RV Resort in Victoria, TX. We'll be in RGV in February so we'll look for you! Would be great to see you guys again!