Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Love Texas

We have finally found summer! It was just gorgeous today as we made our way to Livingston, home of Escapees. We are settled for a few days at the campground, which is fairly full. Lots of folks on the move already. Chuck is off playing poker tonight at the clubhouse. If there is a game that he won't play I don't know of it. The satellite hooked up and even worked on all satellites, which was not happening the last try. So we called and they turned on the locals. Wahoo! Amazing Race tomorrow. I have to get the coast to coast set up, but we have been getting the locals by calling with the zip code and even though it seems like some time it is a hassle they always turn it on. It became a game with us, they told us that it was the way it worked when we signed up, but guess it really isn't. So we just had to push that envelope.

Did it ever rain two days ago when we were in Mount Pleasant, it was like a wall of water at times. Then the thunder and hit very close to us and knocked out the electricity in the park. Took about four hours for it to come back on, and there was only a few minutes of Survivor left. There are only 2 show that we hate to miss and have been having a hard time the past few weeks catching them.

We had a very nice visit with our friends in Mount Pleasant. We met them in Colorado Springs and they were the ones who are responsible for our coming there to buy our truck. Could not ask for a nicer buying experience. Elliott's Dodge is one of the best.

We will be here for a few days and then make our way down to Rockport. Just waiting for a package to make it to our mailbox here. Nice campground here, lots of room, activities already getting going. Not sure that this would be a place that I would want to come to year after year though. Not too much around here. Life is Good.

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squawmama said...

Isn't dealing with the satelite people sometimes a pain in the BUTT!!! We also have locals turned on whereever we go... One time it is no hassle and the next time it is... Hope your day was great!!!

Have Fun & Travel Safe