Friday, October 16, 2009

Hunting Summer or at least Fall

We are out of repair jail. It was a very nice shop and all, but the weather turned so miserable that all we wanted to do was head south. So as soon as we got a clean bill
of health Wednesday we were set to leave come Thursday morning. Good thing
too, as we stumbled across the Rise N Roll bakery, near Shipshoena. That
place could be deadly! We bought pumpkin and chocolate whoopee pies, but did not even take
a bite. Gave them to the mechanics and girls at Duncan RV.
We were told that we had to treat the help, so we did our best. Thursday took
us to Indianapolis, where Chuck has a cousin. we enjoyed a nice visit and dinner.
The next morning we were off and the plans were to drive about 150-200 miles, but before we knew it were very close to Nashville. Called and got a reservation for 3 days at a
park at 34 dollars a night....high, but we are doing the touristy thing here.
Except when we got there it was 44 dollars a night and no sewer. What a difference
2 hours make. Just couldn't help my self, we left, and went down the road. Poor Chuck,
it was rush hour, but we made it fine.

These bushes are so beautiful, the leaves turn a glorious red.

Today we were off to check out the area. Ended up at the Opry Mills, which is a huge mall. So many things going on inside, could spend all day in there without ever going in a store. Our freebie's today amounted to 2 Accu-Chek Aviva monitors, crackers and a back pack. Plus we used our Home Depot 20 dollars gift card. Thought maybe it might not be good but it was along with the 20 dollar Burger King one that we had wonat a flea market near Celina.

We just wondered around till we had enough and then went to the movies.Seen Denzel Washintons new movie, Citizen. Really gory, but all in all a good movie. They sure are making some gruesome movies that are soon to be released.

Tomorrow we are going on a all day bus tour. Have to be there by 8:30. We were not able to get tickets to the Grand Ole Oprey. They only do shows, Friday and Saturday nights and one on Tuesday. If the tour is half as good as the advertising portrays it, we are in for a treat. If not we will still get to see all the sights of Nashville. Either way I'll have pictures.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Sherri and I have not gone and seen a movie in years. We don't even watch that much TV anymore. We are such dull folks.