Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter



The best things in life are still sweet and gooey.

May the joy of the season fill your heart.


Happy Easter!



This week has just flown by once again.  Tuesday we went to Hemet, which is about 30 miles away.  Chuck and John played golf, and Betty invited 2 friends over so we could play bridge.  It was a great time, and then we tried out a Mexican restaurant that had been recommended.  Funny, seems the closer you are to Mexico, the harder it is to find good Mexican food.

We have also been building a corner cabinet for the gazebo.  One that will be fully enclosed as we would like to have a TV out there, especially come summer.  It will be much nicer than trying to cool down the inside, at least that is the idea.  There is a huge wood working shop here with just about every tool you could possibly want.  Course they were all mostly unfamiliar to Chuck, so he would take the wood with all the cuts marked, and sure enough, there was some one who  couldn’t stop themselves from helping.  Could be they didn’t want blood all over their tools. What ever works!  Now I’m working on sewing side panels, seems one thing just leads to another, be glad when this is all done.  We thought we were done, but could not find a cabinet that would work that we could buy.

People are slowly starting to leave the park, although think there are quite a few that stay the year.  I’m kind of anxious to see what the weather is like come summer.  Know that if it is bad we can always head for the coast, which is usually cool.

Got my hair cut this morning and it is very short, think Chuck has more than I do at the moment.  It will grow I know.  Well, I am so proud of my self that I actually managed to do a blog of sorts like I said I would do.  Got seven days to work on the next one.  LOL  Till then, happy travels!



Speedy said...

Well done and I enjoy your journal. I really don't consider any of these as Blogs...I look at them as journals of your travels and what is going on in your lives. Blogs are for the most part opinionated notes of ones feelings about something they don't like or like...

Joe and Sherri

Leno said...

Happy Easter to you and Chuck..Glad to see you are enjoying yourself and keeping busy.
Love and miss both of you.

Luci & Loree said...

Well, see there is the hair thing again.. it is just hair. Mine is REALLY short too! What with a new hairdresser and all. It will grow, it always does.... Hate trying to find a new person to do my hair... This one talks alot too...