Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rally Number Two

Leaving the campground in Elkhart can only be described as an unorganized fire drill.  But God looks after the feeble minded and we are all settled in an area at the Goshen Escapees rally. As I write this we are  into our second rally and it is by far the largest.  There are almost 800 rigs, which means there are a lot of people, yet it has been very well organized and there seems to be more than enough room in the seminars and the hall where the largest events take place also does the job.  And the weather is perfect. 

goshen 024

There is no “it” factor here, but we are having a great time.  Yesterday was the kick-off and there was a drawing for a cash prize of 2500.00.  Nope, we are not richer by that amount.  Tonight there were drawings for more door prizes, but none of those found there way into our RV either.  Have a few seminars that have peaked our interest over the next few days, and before we know it we will be waving good-by to everyone.

Lunch the other day took us to the South Side Diner, which has been paid a visit by Guy from Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins. We all had sandwiches and they were good, but the lemon pie was fabulous. 

goshen  goshen 019

We have been to Shipsawana several times,as there is a large flea market there on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  We have also paid more than a few visits to the Rise N Roll bakery.  They have have the most amazing caramel cinnamon donuts, and there sandwiches are all on homemade bread!  Talk about good.  As I’m writing this I’m almost drooling as it is lunch time and there was no breakfast this morning. Our last rally is also here so we will only be moving to a full hook up site.  We are actually looking forward to that one, as it is a Montana owners get together, and it will be interesting to talk with other owners and learn from there trials and errors.

goshen 039

Jenny and Don’s reaction to being presented a wedding gift of a day tour of Amish country.  They had just come from the daily door prize drawings and had won a trip to Dollywood, which is not far from were they live, so it will make a nice week end get away. Congratulations.  

After our Montana rally we will be heading down the road, sort of like a lost moose as we have not made up our minds quite yet.  Scratch that, we are headed to ‘Lisa’s’ gathering at Defeated Creek COE, in Tennessee, but just for 4 days, it is pretty booked up.  Glad that we could get that as there will be a few friends that will be there that we have not seen for awhile. After that though the lost moose effect kicks in till Thanksgiving, which we are planning on spending at Betty’s. It will all work it self out, so will go with the flow.

Life is Good.

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Janie and John said...

We were at Goshen too. Lots of fun and lots of learning. We didn't have any trouble leaving but good thing they had a parking crew to help us park. I don't think we could have done that on our own.