Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time Goes Bye Bye

Still in Elkhart, few more days of the Montana rally to go. Last night was our Amish dinner at the Miller House. What a lovely home.

montana rally 010

There were almost 180 so they did have to serve us in two areas. Our group of 60 were seated in the house, the rest were in the area normally used which is a large side building. Imagine having a room that would seat that 60 people comfortably. The food was w o n d e r f u l. Family style, all the food is passed once, then once again, thankfully the pies and homemade ice cream was only on trip. Otherwise do not think we would have gotten to the door. They also had bread, jams, cookbooks, and decorative pumkins, corn and a few other things for sale. They had the most wonderful raspberry rhubarb jam, but that was all gone, darn!

The following night was wine and cheese. Watch out Donna, we have a truckload for you.

montana rally 019

How time fly’s, the finale was tonight! Glad that we came, it was very informative in the way Keystone treats their customers. There factory reps were in attendance the first few days ready to work out any of the problems that we were having with the rigs. And then it was off to the factory for repairs. We were having an issue with our front decal starting to peel and a front jack that when raised very high, blew fuses. While there they found some sort of problem in the front and are going to pull the cap in the morning to check and see if there is something that needs to be taken care of. And we are pleasantly surprised as ours has been out of warranty for well over a year now. So we are spending the last night of the rally, in the factory campground so we might be able to get a few extra minutes of sleep before we are kicked out. This morning we had to have it here by 7 AM! Have the laundry all loaded up and ready to go, everything will be clean for when we finally get these wheels a-rolling again.

This area sure is great to bring your RV to. There are so many places to get the parts and fixtures you might want or need. And the prices are right.

We plan just to head down to Indianapolis, Chuck has cousins there, so we will stop for a brief visit. After that we are still in the coin flipping mode……no plans, at least for a few days, we will be meeting friends in Tennessee around the 10th or sooner.

Update: Picked the trailer up at four and by the time we did the tire check and all the other duties it was 4:30, we could have stayed another night at the factory, but they start rolling in to work about 3:30AM, and it sounds like the Indy 500! So we decided on this campground just down the road a bit, but when we got there it was not a place we wanted to stay, so we went off in search better digs.

montana rally 022

Past the largest complex of silos.

montana rally 028

Past a beautiful covered bridge.

montana rally 035

Spotted a few balloons. And finally arrived at the Indianapolis State Fairgrounds. We have stayed here before and we know the routine. It is not anything special, but we do have FHU’s and security.

So that brings me up to date, which is great.

Life is Good.

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