Monday, October 4, 2010

Surprising Neighbors & Tours

We left the Indianapolis State Fairgrounds campground, around 10, after having a problem with the jacks.  Seems we got them way too low and they wouldn’t connect to raise them.  Chuck came up with the idea of getting one of the forklift drivers to lift the front end of the 5’er and then they were able to extend.  With that fixed we were on the road.  Talked to Barb & Bob, who are in North Carolina, getting their rig “road able”.  She recommended Grandma’s RV, so I called and got a reservation.  When we were pulling in , low and behold, there sat a Landmark with a golf cart, knew it was Mac & Netters right away, and Grandpa said go park where ever you want.  So we are next to them and yesterday Kevin and Arlene pulled in.

brewreys 001

Saturday: We started off with a tour of the Jim Beam plant, which was very interesting. 

brewreys 013

Old time “still” replica.

brewreys 007

There is a lot more than 99 barrels in this building.  The black on the building is a chemical reaction that occurs because of the evaporation.  All the trees are covered with the black film.  People have to constantly fight to keep it off the cars and houses.  There are hundreds of these storage building through the country side.  Not gold in them there hills, it’s bourbon.

brewreys 024


From the Jim Beam plant we told Tom-tom to take us to the Makers Mark plant.  Which turned into an adventure, as our road kept getting smaller and smaller, till we were on a one lane trail. But we did come across men harvesting tobacco, which I had not seen before.

brewreys 036   And just about when we were beginning to worry, we were there. 

brewreys 042

Makers Mark is a much small distillery, and the tour was right into the production area.  We were disappointed that it being Saturday they were not dipping the bottles in the red wax that they are known for. 

brewreys 053   Of course we had the samples at the end of the tour, and being as none of us were to keen on straight bourbon, but the candy was great!  We made our way back, with written instructions that they passed out, seems we were not the only ones to have trouble getting there. 

Yesterday we laid around, knew that Kevin and Arlene would be here, so planned dinner for the six of us.  Threw everything in the crock pot, took a nap, powdered my nose with flour, (just so they would know that I’d been cooking all day) and we had a great meal.  Actually pulled out our new table to the center of the living room, added the leaf and sat 6 comfortably.  Love it! 

brewreys 075

Today we took in the Slugger Bat Company.  It also was quite interesting, and the sample at the end of the tour was a little bat.

brewery 063

Of course there was the gift shop, so having a grandson who is a avid ball player, there were a few things we had to pick up.

brewery 072

Mac on his horse.

Ended the day with a 60 percent off sale at Zappos.  The warehouse is very close to here, but think the sale had been going on for a few days, only managed to find two pair!

Life is Good!


Cruzin2some said...

Looks like Mac's horse thought it was nap time!!!

Stay Safe

Gypsy's Tales said...

Glad you all met up at Grandma's!! We picked up the MH and are now in CT for 3 weeks to see family and friends. Then we return to NC for more work - they are waiting for parts - seems we have all heard that before!! Enjoy your sightseeing and travels Hi to everyone there.
Barb & Bob