Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hanging Loose

Touring Churchill Downs was the goal of the day.

Tuesday, 10/05/10

kentucy 001

kentucy 006 Coming out of the gate.

kentucy 008Whooo..their horses have no legs!

kentucy 012

kentucy 014

The famous twin spirals.

kentucy 020

A retired race horse.  The little horse is fully grown, he is there for company, we were told,  horses do not like to be alone.  They said it does necessarily have to be a horse for company, a chicken, duck any animal will do.  Wish the horses were racing, guess we will have to plan it better next time.

Wednesday   We got left behind at “Grandma’s”, as we watched Mac & Netters and Kevin & Arlene pull out.  There was no tourist outing that we wanted to engage in, so we went shopping.  Hit Sam’s, Best Buy, Wal-mart and then looked for a movie.  But there was nothing showing in our time frame, so just came home.  Fixed dinner and watched Survivor.  The next day washed and polished on the rig, did some laundry.  Later in the afternoon Darrell and Judy pulled in next to us.  After they were set-up we went in search of dinner, found a great Mexican restaurant with even greater margaritas.  Enjoyed getting to spend some time with them, and hope we will cross trails again soon.  Mentioned Zappo’s sale, so a trip there was in order.  I found a cute pair of comfy sandals, but decided that I did not need them and Judy decided she did.  So Glad. Would have hated the thought that they were left for a stranger.  Darrell & Judy were off bright and early the next morning.

Used that day to get my toes, nails and hair taken care of.  Good for another few weeks.  Met a couple with a Montana and we spent the rest of the afternoon telling tall tales and small lies.  Nice couple, they had been to the Montana rally a few years ago, but decided to miss this one. Being as they are not full time, vacations have to be put to good use.

And that brings me to today, Saturday, October 9th.  Chuck finally decided to play golf, I was getting a little worried that he had lost his interest in it.  Been over a month, and he was not twitching or anything.  Being as we live in this tin box 24/7 the alone time when we are apart is pretty darn precious!  Love him dearly, but some times well………….

Tomorrow we make the trek to Defeated Creek, Tennessee, can’t wait, everyone there is raving how beautiful it is.

Till next time, life is good.

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