Monday, October 18, 2010

Defeated Creek, Tennessee

defeated camp 017

We have thoroughly enjoyed the time we have spent in this beautiful setting. The campground is set around the lake, with the outer rim having FHU’s. Being as I was late to come to the party in making reservations, and it being fall break for school, we could only get 4 days. But once here we managed to come by one of the non-reservable sites and extend our stay. The rate is one of the lowest that we have paid over our years RVing, 9 dollars a night, FHU’s, with the Golden Age discount.

Lisa & her sweet husband Tony.

defeated camp 012

They have out done themselves seeing that we have a good time. And they certainly have succeeded. Thank you Lisa for getting this set up. Think that we will have to make it a yearly “gathering”.

As usual our get togethers have consisted of “have ya et yet?”, and what’s the menu for tomorrow?

defeated camp 015

We have taken a few outside trips, Olive Garden, Golden Dragon, and yesterday called for a trip to the original Cracker Barrel. Some of our trips consisted of just the girls, and Lisa was our chauffeur, driving her van, with I Love My Seniors. We did not realize that she was not referring to her students, but to us! LOL

defeated creek 004

Some unusual scenery along the way one day. Kudzu, a plant brought in to fight erosion, and it has done one heck of a job of that. It covers everything, looks like something from outer space or Disneyland. But no erosion!defeated camp 039

Usually our nights are spent gazing in the campfire, enjoying the company.

defeated creek 010

It has truly been a great relaxing retreat. Not that the life we are living is in any way stressful, but we will be leaving here feeling like we have had a full 10 day massage.

In a few days we will all be heading in different directions, we are dropping down to the Florida panhandle, no place special in mind, just checking it out.

In closing would like to take a moment to honor Bruce and Margie, who will be missed, tho we never met, still felt we knew them. So sad, reminds us that every day is precious.


Cruzin2some said...

Sounds like everyone is having a great time.

Travel Safe

Paul and Mary said...

It WAS like a 10-day massage! What a great way to describe it.

It was wonderful to see you two again and catch up. We look forward to seeing you somewhere in the Southwest!

Safe travels!!!