Saturday, August 13, 2011

Those Sixty’s Were Great!


Oh yah, way to go, girl.  I’ve reached that magic age where I can say just about anything. After all wisdom does come with age.  Some times. Of course there is  the other option, maybe I’m become senile.  At times that has crossed my mind, but that thought comes and goes.  To tell the truth, I just down right feel comfortable in my own skin, now it could be because it seems like there is so much more of it, but not going to dwell on that thought.


It has been a great ride, have a wonderful husband, lovely daughter, wonderful son, great SIL, and DIL.  Three grandsons, one of whom has own family, beautiful wife, with the most precious great-grandson and great-granddaughter.  Truly have been blessed.

Also the last five plus years that we have spent roaming the states has been a wonderful adventure, that we hope to continue for as long as we are comfortable doing it.  We know that there will come a time, but till then……..


Hopefully to be continued…..


Jim and Dee said...

Have a great birthday! You're only as young as you feel and being on the road takes at least 20 yrs off your life. Have fun!! That's what life is all about.

squawmama said...

Happy Birthday... I am sure you have a ton of good times ahead for you!!! You've only just begun!!!
Have fun & Travel safe

Barb said...

Hope you are having a great birthday! Can't wait to see y'all next week!
Enjoy the rest of your day!

Barb Maxey

Hembree said...

You have a great day! You're going to be in good company...let me know if they don't show you a good time...and we'll take care of them in October!

Randy and Terry said...

Happy birthday!!! Hope it was a great day celebrating YOU!

Chuck-Kathy said...

It was a Top 10 day!

Speedy said...

It is nice when you can say it has been a great day. We are hoping we will have many of those nice days.