Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love’n This Area

Yes, we have really enjoyed our stay here, could it be that the beach being so close it has something to do with that?  My favorite place in the whole world is the ocean, but don’t want to live right on the beach.  This Escapees park is also very nice, as a matter of fact we are on the waiting list for a lease lot, which will take some time, but will make the decision when we closer to the top of the list.  The main reason would be to have a home base and storage shed, not that we will be stopping traveling, but that decision is not really in our hands, at our age.  LOL

We have been eating so much seafood that Chuck was starting to complain, so the other day we came across Lamberts, the home of the tossed rolls, and we decided that we would give it a try. We had heard about Lamberts but never eaten in one, but we had been told that the portions were huge, plus they keep bring sides to the tables.  No one mentioned that they serve there drinks in mugs resembling a gallon jug, and Chuck ordered a glass of milk. He never orders milk except at breakfast. Well, he certainly GOT MILK!  

La 1 023

Munching down on one of those rolls.

La 1 025

The food was okay, and now it Lamberts is checked off the bucket list.  From there we took a ride over to the beach, watched a volley ball game and just enjoyed the wonderful weather.  It is so awesome, but they are saying that a few days of rain are on the way.

La 1 032

Further up the beach we came across a large work crew moving sand into a huge sieve, then back in the trucks to be placed back where it had come from.  They say they aren’t really finding anything, but the deep cleaning is good pay, and steady work while it lasts.    Such a shame, the sand is so pretty.

La 1 043

Today, Nolan & Donna stopped by for a short time, they are staying not too far from us.  Glad we got to see them as they are on the move again tomorrow.  We are having a lunch on Monday, with some of the people that are here, sort of a farewell, seeya down the road lunch, at the Roadkill Café.  John & Sandy and Jim & Ellie are heading towards New Orleans.  We are staying a few more days, and we are still up in the air on our destination for the next week or so.  Why do I feel like I’m getting no sympathy with all my woe is me, where oh where will we go?  See, it is not all lollipops and roses out here.  Yes, that is being written with tongue in cheek.  Life is Good.

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Leno said...

Glad you are enjoying your time there. Neat that you put your name on the list.. Did they give you any indication how many are on the list?
Enjoy your next few days.