Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Enjoying Betty’s RV Park

We had planned to arrive at Betty’s, in Abbeville, Louisiana,  on the 23rd, but heard from Molly that there was a swamp tour scheduled for that day, so cancelled some plans, pulled in the slides, and were rolling down the road ASAP on Monday. 

swamp tour 004

Bye Biloxi

The 220 mile trip was uneventful, although traffic seems quite heavy.  We arrived at Betty’s about 3, and after squeezing in we were ready for the daily “happy hour”.  Great seeing old friends, and making new acquaintances.  If you have been here you know what it is like, if not, you must put it on your bucket list.  Of course after happy hour, we were off to eat at Suire’s, a local restaurant that is a real treat, very good food.

swamp tour 017

Interesting contrast of the white herons and fall foliage. Tuesday we were off for the swamp tour, there were 16 in our group, and our guide and boat were waiting for us.  So very glad that we made the decision to take this tour.

It was Awesome!swamp tour 038

swamp tour 041

Words are not sufficient to describe what we saw.   Even though a lot of the trees look like they are dead or dying, they were quite healthy. Bryan, (our guide) was very knowledgeable and made the tour so interesting. 

swamp tour 050

swamp tour 057

Would love to take this tour again at another time of the year, as the changes would be drastic with all the plants in bloom and the changes in the trees.  The beauty was so unexpected to me, the unusual shape of the trees due to the way that have adapted to survive.  In our travels there are so many places that I’ve just been blown away by.  How lucky we are to be able to see and enjoy it all.  Gives a new meaning to stopping and smelling the roses, and do so appreciate that we have been lucky enough to do it.

swamp tour 068

Natural man-made duck blinds.

swamp tour 100

And then it was off to find some food.  Being as we were to be spending a few hours with out restrooms, most of us had limited our in take and were starving.  Okay, those of you know that Escapees never starve, we travel on our stomachs. But it was a good excuse.

swamp tour 126

We have not been in this area, so a lot of the menu was strange to me, but Bob tried a combination platter, (crawfish boulette, crawfish macque choux, crawfish pie, fried alligator were just a few items on the platter) and Molly and I managed to taste almost everything, and it was so good, even though we weren’t too sure of what we were eating.  Most of us went for the fried catfish and it was also very good. 

Right now we are waiting on Roger & Barb, as they are coming for a visit, and we are……..what else…….going out to eat.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are having a huge dinner at the campground with everyone bringing a dish or two  or maybe even three.  Old habits die hard, and seems everyone has their family favorites.

Also have made reservations for a local play on Sunday, Christmas Tuna, which the reviews are raving about.  Should be fun.Monday we will be making our way to San Antonio, where we will park for a few weeks, while hopefully Chuck can get new hearing aids ordered.

Happy Thanksgiving, Life is Good.


Leno said...

Sounds like a great time. Perhaps sometime we can rent out the place for all of us...Happy Thanksgiving!!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Looks like a fun tour. Thanks for the ride.

Randy and Terry said...

So glad you made the swamp tour! We did that with Bryan back in February 2009 and loved it, too. I was also surprised by the beauty of the swamp; just didn't expect it.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Gypsy's Tales said...

Your swamp tour pictures were great - got to get to do that!! Chuck you know not getting those hearing aids is no way to ignore us - just kidding - hope you get them soon!! Happy Thanksgiving
Hugs, Barb & Bob