Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cut Loose of Betty’s Web

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What a great time we had, the friends, the food, the laughter, and the card games, that unfortunately were won entirely by the men.  Not once did the women emerge victorious……but we are plotting revenge as I write. 

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We took a tour of the Tabasco factory one day which was very interesting.  The plant was not running, instead  there was a short movie, and then we walked through the plant.  And of course the country store, my oh my, there were a lot of Tabasco items to taste, even ice cream, and of course we had to make several purchases.  Thanks for the tour Denny and Suzie, we really enjoyed it. 

bettys 031Barb and Roger came by for a short visit, and we went to a restaurant that Betty said was her favorite.  Very good food, unique wall décor, and great margaritas.  What more could you ask for.

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Thanksgiving we all made a dish or two, and someone even did a turduckin.  Can’t honestly say that I would buy one, it was interesting to try it though.

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                        bettys 023

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Hey, they have only the best in Louisiana.

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We had food and more food, what a feast.

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The next day Bob and Molly were off to Red Bay to try and get the repairs completed on their motorhome.

bettys 034

The Little Green Man behind the wheel of their toad.  Looks like he has a new job.

Sunday afternoon We went with Keith and Donna to the play, Tuna Christmas, and it was fantastic.  Two men played all the parts, and did a awesome performance, it was  laugh till you………..well at my age, let’s just leave it at that.

Monday we left Betty’s and followed the Greens to the casino at Kinder.  It was a short 80 mile jaunt, and we settled in a very nice park here at the casino.  Good time yesterday, slots seemed to be very loose, today, no so much.  But today was seniors day and they were bringing them in by the bus load.  Played blackjack and pleased to say that we are leaving here winners.  Not buy a new RV winner, more like a new bumper sticker, spare no cost , winner.  But a winner none the less.

Tomorrow we will be rolling down the road, headed for San Antonio, almost 400 miles, looks to be a good 2 day trip.

                       Life is Good.

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