Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Love’n Texas

We have been in San Antonio, at the Lackland AFB famcamp for a few days now.  The weather was absolutely lovely the first few days, but it has cooled of some.  Still very comfy. Today we decided to take in the lights at the Riverwalk, better than fighting the crowds of the week ends.  And it was mission accomplished, there were very few people there.  We had a very nice dinner at Tony Romas, which actually cost us nothing but an hour of our time.  Yep, one of those freebies for listening to a time share spiel. We got way laid on the way to the Riverwalk and “offered” a 75 dollars credit card just to listen,  we decided we had time to kill, so why not.  Well, when  they offered this time share for the low buy in of 68,000, and we laughed they basically couldn’t get us out of there fast enough.  Ah sucks, guess we are just trailer trash, on the other hand we get to go every and any place, and sleep in our own bed.  Hard to beat that. 

Oh, back to the lights, I personally, thought they were disappointing. 

san antonio 004

Pretty yes, but I had read about all the luminaries and there were none, it was just lights streaming down from the trees.  Worth seeing, yes, glad we did it, yes, but the margarita at dinner, priceless.

san antonio 009

Being officially Texans we must have our truck put through a safety inspection when we enter back into Texas.  After searching on the internet I got a few address where this could take place, but they were erroneous.  So we just went in search driving the vehicle repair area, and came upon one. 

san antonio 002

I certainly feel safer now that I know that everyone has to go through this procedure. He basically took our money, scraped the old sticker off, put the new one on, done, finished, have a good day.  By the looks of the building we shouldn’t have expected much more? 

Chucks appointment with the VA is early Thursday, and he had hoped to get fitted and tested for new hearing aids, but now it seems that first he has to have a physical.  Have a feeling we will be coming back for his testing and all.  Know that it won’t hurt to have another physical but he did have one in California this spring.  Oh well, it is what it is.

                     Life is Good.

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

That is one famcamp we have missed. Will have to give it a try.

That is a very impressive inspection station.