Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Great Escape

Our stop over in San Antonio was for one reason, for Chuck to get fitted for new hearing aids at Audey Murphy VA Hospital.  In the process of doing the mandatory physical they found fluid in his lungs, especially one of them.  After a few more tests they decided that he should be admitted and the fluid removed.  Once that had taken place they scheduled several other tests, but after two days of waiting, Chuck decided it was time to make a jail break and head for the border. He will get in touch with our doctor here ad get things started next week.  Right now he is so tickled to be here, actually he is playing cards as I type, he does love his games.

As of now we are in the resort that we spent last year at, Alamo Palms.  We really enjoyed our time here last year with the exception of the size of site.  So this year we booked one that is in an area that is mostly mobile homes, and we do have space.  Room for another RV with space to spare.  Not complaining though, oh no.

Getting the decorations up now, they don’t consist of all that much.  I have limited my keepsakes to an occasional ornament, and over the years they have grown to quite a collection.  But they also take very little space.  I hang a long lighted garland over the big slide and use that to display them.  Brings back many memories of the places we have been.  And I love the new side board, five feet of display space.  Pictures will follow, once it is all done tomorrow.

Life is good, no it is great! 

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Ellie and Jim said...

Ah, so that's what happened! Hope all is well, enjoy your time in the Valley!

Hugs to you both and we'll see ya down the road....