Saturday, November 20, 2010

Biloxi Days

Having just done a grocery run at the commissary, I have to do a little rant. Do the companies think we are just totally STUPID? I just bought a pound of bacon, (14 ounces) 4 pound bag of sugar, 1/2 gallon of ice cream, (11/2 quarts)and please tell me, how do they put 34 ounces of coffee in a 3 lb can and make it completely full? The darn can did not get smaller, just the contents. Oh, and then we are told there is zero inflation. Yeah, I guess we are that dumb, especially my home state of California. Starting to thread in that forbidden territory in blog land here, so thanks for letting me rant. Had thought that the cost of living in the south was less costly, but seems that everything is much higher than up north. We took in a casino last night, and they have no freebies here, actually they even make you buy the clip cord for your players card. NOT! We did not stay all that long, winning was not happening anywhere we could see or hear. Didn’t take us long to get over getting our dues paid.

Thursday night we went out for pizza with Darrell & Judy. Great getting to spend time with them, they have a ERUP lot at the Plantation, so guess you could say they are our future neighbors.

We left the Rainbow Plantation yesterday, and the ride was only about 100 miles, so it was no time till we were here. Our daughter had called and I was yakking and Chuck missed the turn and it took us a bit of a hassle to get back on track, but turning around when your as long as we are is a hassle no matter what. We are staying at Keesler AFB and they are full. We got the last site. Nice campground, river and lake across the road. Will bet no one lets their dogs or cats run loose here.

biloxi 026

biloxi 020

Same beautiful white beaches, love them.

We will be here till Tuesday morning at which time we will be making our way to Betty’s RV park. Can’t wait to see everyone again, it was the Escapees rally that our paths last crossed.

Happy Thanksgiving to All.

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John and Sandy said...

Have a great time at Betty's and Happy Thanksgiving to you and Chuck.