Saturday, August 11, 2012


For years I spent every summer up on this lake, and totally loved it.  There were even a few summers that I never came back to town.  Would make a grocery run but that would be it.  Had not been back since we sold our houseboat, and always had that little doubt that we might not have done the right thing.  As much as I enjoyed the visit, it put my mind at rest on that question.  It was time to move on to other things.  Going back for a visit though is still special.  Thank you friends for inviting me.  Chuck did not wish to join us, it was more ladies time, plus he got to golf for three days. Another reason we sold, he was definitely ready back then.  
englebrite 017
One special way to relax, played several new card games, also tried sequence,(loved it) and actually read three pages of a book.  Several times, hard to keep my mind on reading. 
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Had this duck swimming around us with a top knot, didn’t look like a growth, just a like a ball of fur.  Nick name “Mohawk”.
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The weather here has gotten sooo hot, we are going to make a run for the coast tomorrow.  Plan on leaving real early, maybe we can get there before it get too hot.  Today it hot 107, BUT IT IS A DRY HEAT!!!!  But then so is an oven.  Glad we have 50 amps, we are fairly comfortable. 
Our grandson, taken at his bowling tournament.  Took him and a friend yesterday to the Sky Zone, which is a mega trampoline establishment. They have foam pits, and play dodge ball or just jump.  Spent 2 hours there and they were wore out.  Had a great time though, just the boys, we stayed on the side lines. Believe me this not for the older generation.  That catches me up to date, enjoyed seeing our friends that are still here, but so looking forward to the cool weather at the coast.  The moose lodge, are having a lulu, and they have a huge pit near us in which they cooked two pigs and 5 turkeys over night.  Sure felt sorry for them today as they were uncovering the pit.  Shoveling that dirt and all, good thing the beer was flowing freely.  Would have liked to have gone but the price was a little steep at 35 dollars a person.  So instead we went out with friends, great time, home early, rest fast and hit the road. 

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