Monday, August 6, 2012

You Can Go Home Again

But it is no longer home! And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

So far the time in the Sacramento valley has not been that hot.  I was very leery of coming here this time of year, so hopefully it will hold for a while longer.  Chuck is getting his golf fix, sort of.  He pulled a muscle and his side is giving him fits when he plays.  Seen a few friends, and I must say, they are aging fast.  Now they are probably saying the same about us!  We have our jacks down at the Moose lodge in Yuba City.  Have 50 amps and water only, but it is all of 70 dollars a week, so can complain there.  Plus they cook most nights.  And this is where my ole bridge club meets twice a week.  Got to play today, it was fun to see everyone, although the club has gotten quite a bit smaller.

Going to spend a few days with some girls friends on a house boat, starting tomorrow. So looking forward to that, spent many a summer living on one one and loved it.  Our grandson has talked us into taking him and a friend on a adventure, so we will be doing that after I’m back.  He suggested that washing and waxing the 5’er and truck might help his cause, so we quickly agreed. Then we may be heading out. Not sure where to. Had planned on staying a bit longer, Chuck was trying to get installed into the Elks club, and it was almost set up to take place next week.  But today he found out that the guy who was getting it done ASAP……died.  How it will work out now, we don’t know. 

Travel safe, travel easy.  

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Jill said...

Please make sure to show pictures from the house boat!