Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We headed out this morning, picked up our friends, and we off to the Rock.  Hoping to see some otters.  Our son and DIL stopped here on the way home and were telling us about a mother and baby otter they seen and how much they enjoyed it.  No DSC03428such luck for us.  Did see a few but at a distance. These gulls were looking for a free meal.DSC03378

The birds were in full view though.


Our friends, Bill & Carol.


We set off for Paso Robles, where years ago we would always stop at the neatest caboose that served the best hamburgers ever.  It was still there, but, now it had been turned into part of a mini food court.  Hamburgers were still good, onion rings wonderful.  Just no caboose.  And the temperature……we left here, 60 degrees, drove 30 miles inland, 99 degrees.  Sure felt good to get back to the RV.


Had to post this picture, there is a story behind it from the very distant past.  Way to long to go into here. 


One more day here, and then we move to the central Sacramento valley.  Still not looking forward to the heat, anxious to see our friends, so it is worth it.

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