Monday, July 30, 2012

Morro Bay

A nice uneventful drive of 80 miles.  We actually had more trouble finding the campground once we were on this very small National Guard outpost.  It is not the best of campground, actually I would rate it rather low.  There are only about 14 sites, but FHU’s and for the tourist area it is in, very reasonable.  After we seen the other parks in the area, ours went up rather fast.  We have room between our rigs! 

A friend of ours had moved to this area, and remarried, so we were looking forward to meeting his new wife and getting to see him again.  We met the first night at the Apple Farm in San Luis Obispo. Great time, stayed till we felt that we had worn out our welcome and then some, but the restaurant was not busy so didn’t feel too bad.  The best part, we felt like we had know his wife forever. 

pismo 086

The flowers were amazing, you know they are my downfall.

pismo 159

Leaving there we took a drive to the beach, had to see the “Rock”.

pismo 098

Shooting into the sun, kind of hard to get a good picture.  The birds were all over the rock. 

pismo 111

Several types of birds nest on Morro Rock, including three cormorant species and two gull species.

pismo 113

It presently serves as a reserve for peregrine falcons, which are locally endangered and cause most of the laws that prohibit intervention with avian life.

pismo 117

If you click on the pic, you can see the birds, there also is some other evidence visible. Luckily they were not in the flying mode while we were walking around. 

pismo 116

Sea lions on a pier out in the bay.  Almost sinking the pier there are so many on it.

pismo 096pismo 102

The last few days we have been trading dinners.  Been a long time since I’ve cooked a whole meal, get kind of used to doing the potluck routine.  Today started out with us doing laundry and then Chuck met Bill for a round of golf.  Me, I just vegged, tomorrow think we will do the beach thing again. Love’n the cool weather here on the coast, high fog early but it usually is gone by nine or ten. 

Well, that catches me up for a while, life is good.

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Jill said...

I think the rock silhouette picture with the birds on it could win a photography award. Beautiful flowers at the restaurant too! Thanks