Monday, July 2, 2012


Everyone has told us that the weather does get hot here, (Temecula, CA) but so far we are loving it.  Yes, the afternoons tend to get on the warm side, especially inside, but turn the air on for a few hours or head to the pool.  And the club house and all the rooms are kept pretty much on the icy side.  We have been busy, but never seem to get done, always more of this hard life to tackle the next day.
We went out with a bunch the other night to support one of our own who was playing at the opening of a new restaurant.  Had to bring our own wine as they had yet to get there license.  And yes, some of us drank a bit too much, and the next morning water aerobics went by the way side, although later in the day I did go up and spend some time toughing it out.  Guess that tells you one of who indulged too much.  Yesterday I sort of tricked Chuck into going to see Magic Mike.  For those who don’t know, it is about male strippers.  Back in the day I’ve been to a few shows, but none like these,  whoooo!  Of course the language was so bad, can not believe that it has to be that way.  Okay, enough.
Chuck and I both had doctors appointments today, just checking in, Chuck has been getting nose bleeds every once in a while, so he is going to see an ENT to have it checked out.  Other wise all seems to be well.
If we had not already booked our Hawaii trip, I think we might seriously be heading back for the Escapees rally, but we have, so that settles it.  Next year we are thinking of doing a grand tour, from California to Canada, over to Maine, then weave our way back, but it is still in the thinking stage, not even to planning yet.
For years living in northern California we caught salmon quite a bit in the river.  I would smoke up huge batches using an old grill, with just a tiny wood fire in it.  Delicious.  Chuck now has this electric smoker, so we bought some salmon and marinated it just like we used to.  This turned out so bad, don’t think it is even eatable.  Bummer. 
Well that is a week in our life, the good the bad and the …..well, it was all good.  Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

I think a grand tour is just what you need!!!!...Tour HERE!!!....And tell me...did Chuck enjoy Magic Mike???... That is tooooooooooo funny....and so you!!!...Love and miss you guys!!!

Gypsy's Tales said...

Sounds like a great week. Magic Mike Okay!! Really want to tour Canada too maybe next summer after all the Graduations!! Off to Red Hat Float decorating for the 4th have a great day - Hugs fom both of us to both of you

Jill said...

I have heard mixed reviews on Magic Mike, so I am still debating whether or not to go see it. Your grand tour sounds awesome. (We cannot wait to retire so that we can do those kinds of trips.)