Saturday, June 23, 2012


Wow, this week flew by, and a great time we had.  So glad that Barb & Bob stopped by for a visit, hoping to get in some down time.  And to be fair we did let them put their feet up and catch their breath.  The weather was great with the exception of the day we went to the beach..Murphy’s Law kicked in.  The coastal fog did not totally burn off, but we had a nice lunch over looking the ocean.  

lawn mowers races 001

We took in the “lawn mower” races one day.  Not exactly what we expected, but we did have some good laughs.  Imagine Tim Allen on steroids. Jenny, if you are reading this, you & Don are signed up for next Saturday. 

lawn mower races 028

We also had a few other friends in one night for Mexican.  Lots of food, fun and laughs.  Most of the people are gone, but there are enough left to have a good time.  Our neighbors have put their site in the rental pool, so Bob & Barb were able to park next to us.  Made it nice.  We took a tour of the wine country, but being as I was the only one who indulges, we only toured.  Some beautiful scenery, it is also horse country.  Great combination.  Barb and I took off one day, did a little shopping, lunch and got our hair cut.  Left the guys alone and Bob was visiting Chuck, when Chuck just fell asleep on him!  Nothing stands between Chuck and his nap.  We did get in a few games of hand and foot.  One night we went to the club house and played the real one, girls lost, then our own special skipbo, girls lost really, really bad.  Tried Mexican train, but never finished that one.

lawn mower races 002An iron work sculpture on the road to Temecula that has started displaying there work, some of it pretty amazing. We stopped on walked around, but there was no one there, most of the items are life size or bigger.

lawn mower races 010

Barb and the 3 Amigos.

lawn mower races 006

Our SIL would love some of these.

lawn mower races 011

Our pool deck finally got finished and we were able to enjoy a few afternoons bobbing around.  Sure felt good to have it back.  I’ve been going to aerobics, which means up early.  Well at least by 8.  Have not been a morning person for a long time, and it is amazing how much gets done before noon. 

lawn mower races 018

Before we knew it, they were hooked up and moving down the road. 

lawn mower races 030

Last night was Yippee, the pool is open party.  Had quite a large group, lots of food, live music, great time.  Don’t think there is ever an Escapees event where there is a food shortage. 

Till next week, Laugh, Love, Live, it is the first day of the rest of our lives.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys are enjoying yourselves...just wish it were here!!! Love and miss ya!!!

Gypsy's Tales said...

Thanks for a great week - We enjoyed ourselves and look forward to the next time we are all together
Hugs to you both Barb & Bob/Chuck

Speedy said...

I swim in the kids pool and enjoy the cool water. It is soooo hot here!

Joe and Sherri