Monday, June 11, 2012


Our good friends, Bob & Barb Williams, “aka Bob/Chuck”, are due in tomorrow.  Really looking forward to seeing them again.  We last crossed paths when Bob was working at Amazon in Coffeeville. 

We have had a busy week  doing the same thing, but doing it differently.  Tuesday is golfing day for Chuck, so I try to plan running into town and doing my thing.  We also planned to go to dinner at a restaurant that runs a special on Tuesday just for our park.  Course we have to go  by 4:30, and they like to have a minimum of 12, but the price is right, wine is good and the food is great too.  Friday we meet some friends for lunch and we moved on to their house for more chat time.  We are all hoping to manage to get together for Mexican here later in the week.  Margarita’s ……oh yes!

They are still working on the pool deck, everyone is getting antsy.  And because of all the dust they caused, the pool will have to be drained and refilled.  The deck is looking really good, and it is supposed to last for years. We also have a large group of workers cutting a fire break around most of the park…..more dust, but well worth it.  Been a dry year here, every little bit helps  if a fire happens any where near. 

Played bridge tonight for a few hours, there are still enough of us here to get a game together, think it will hold the rest of the summer.  Not sure when we are leaving to go north, but probably around the middle of July.  Our grandson will be coming down to the Los Anglos area for the state bowling tournament, and as the Jell-O plans now stand, he will be with us for awhile as we make our way north taking him home.  Only time will tell, we will see. 

Enjoy, love, laugh.   



Leno said...

Enjoy your time with Barb and Bob. I did! They will give you both hugs from me..
Miss you both.
Hugs, Arlene

Speedy said...

I sure wish we could head north! It is too hot here and it don't look good for cool weather any time soon.

Joe and Sherri